38oz White or Black Togo PP Soup Cups Deli ramen Bowls with lid 150 sets/cs

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     ★ Package includes 150pcs 1100ml Paper bowl (Base + Lid) YN-38

     ★ Material: PP, Double poly-coated paperboard, with good resilience and leak prevention.

     ★ Multi-function: Perfect for chicken noodle soup, hearty stews, ice cold frozen yogurt, gelato or Cold Ice Cream. 

     ★ Enjoy every meal everywhere-These containers are made to support every type of food or meal you can find. Enjoy your soups, salads, sandwich, meat, fruits, vegetables, pasta, chicken, beef, mixed food, breakfast, lunch, dinner at home, at school, at work, at parties, at the gym, in the park, outside, when camping or hiking or when you’re traveling.