8.8”x6.4”x1.5” Fiber Pulp Food Container Lunch Bento Box 100sets

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     ★ PERFECT MEAL PREP SET - These bento boxes come in a 100 Pack of durable containers with lids to prepare your healthy meal plans. 1200ML.
     ★ CARRY YOUR MEALS WITH YOU - Each bento lunch box has 1200ml which is the perfect size.
     ★ SAVE TIME, MONEY & SPACE - These lunch box containers are stackable which is practical to save time when you’re looking for space in the fridge or cabinet.
     ★ SAFE AND EASY TO USE – The base are made from Plant Fiber and 100% food safe. Easy opening is achieved with convenient flaps whilst keeping these meal storage containers watertight and leakproof when closed.
     ★ Enjoy every meal everywhere-These containers are made to support every type of food or meal you can find. Enjoy your soups, salads, sandwich, meat, fruits, vegetables, pasta, chicken, beef, mixed food, breakfast, lunch, dinner at home, at school, at work, at parties, at the gym, in the park, outside, when camping or hiking or when you’re traveling.