32oz 3 compartments Rectangular Plastic Microwaveable Food Container 150 sets/cs

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     ★ 150 pack of stackable containers ideal for Keto or other portion controlled diets, food prep, sushi, noodle, salads, pastas and healthy snacks. Each container is perfectly proportioned to help you stick to a balanced diet plan. Each container can store 32oz of food. 
     ★ Our 3 compartment container works best for storing leftovers from last nights dinner or takeout. Store your meal in the fridge or freezer and enjoy as a microwave meal for lunch the next day. 
      ★ Microwaveable - Reusable - dishwasher safe.
      ★Convenient for school, outdoor living, making outdoor life more enjoyable and colorful, just put it in your lunch bag, backpack, gym bag or handbag.